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Count Day1

One of the attendance requirements for virtual students is the requirement for each student to meet the minimal activity minutes during two different time frames. The first time frame has to occur on or before September 20th. The second time frame occurs from September 21 to October 4th. Each student must log at least 360 minutes of online activity, offline activity, or a combination of both once in each time frame in order to meet the requirement. These two days (one in each time frame) determines whether or not the school receives student allocated state funds that are used for their education. Without these resources, we can not provide many of the resources offered to educate students. Teachers, curriculum, remediation programs, computers, internet devices, etc. are all part of the resources that are payed for by the state allocated funds.

Our goal is for 100% of our students to meet the Count Day minutes described above. We are asking for your assistance in helping us reach our goal of 100% of the student population meeting the Count Day requirement by this Friday, September 16th. If you have received the text message that led you to this link, your child has not met the minimum requirement as of the time of this text. Please reach out to your child’s teacher today to get advice, ideas, and requirements for meeting the Count Day. Thank you for your cooperation.